Approaching Internet

When I was about 14 years old I was obsessed with a particular Japanese videogame. Have you ever heard of Pokémon? Those little creatures that can fit into small coloured balls and fight against each other? Yes, I was obsessed with them.

There was a magazine back then in Italy, it was called Pokémon World. I tried to buy a copy every month, they talked about the videogame, card game, anime and much more. I loved it! But what I loved the most was a specific section named Porygon Net where every month a Pokémon fan site was reviewed.

I decided I also wanted to create a website.

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Trasferire dati dallo smartphone al computer

Il problema dello spazio di memoria sugli smartphone è sicuramente uno dei temi più delicati dopo quello della durata della batteria. E qui arriva il dramma del trasferimento di foto e video dal telefono al computer: genitori, nonni e zii a tutta carica per chiedere a figli e nipoti di risolvere il problema.

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Moduli, questionari e indagini di mercato: i Moduli Google

Come abbiamo sempre detto in questo blog, oggi esiste un’app per tutto e ogni cosa è alla portata di mano per chiunque. Con pochi click è possibile trovare quello di cui si ha bisogno. Delle volte anche prodotti e servizi gratuiti possono rivelarsi esattamente ciò che fa al caso tuo, soprattutto se made in Google. Oggi voglio parlarti proprio di uno di questi servizi, i Moduli Google.

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Choose your wine wisely

Some weeks ago I was invited to a dinner party and I found myself with the same dilemma I always have when I go to a friend’s house for dinner: what should I bring? You can ask the host and if you are lucky he or she will tell you what to bring to the party. If not, I for example, always go for a bottle of wine. Even if your friend tells you that you don’t need to bring anything he or she will really appreciate the gesture. I would avoid preparing a dessert or any other dish, seeing that you are going to a dinner party I assume the food is already included.

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Listen and let your feelings flow

Life is special, I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. A time comes, sooner or later in which we all experience a kind of ‘inconvenience’, something we didn’t prepare for at all but just happened. We fall in love, we lose our job, we get married, we experience a new sensation, we get hurt, we feel lost or lose someone, etc. When something unexpected happens to me I like to write about it, give my feelings and emotions a place where they can relax and chill out for a while.

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