What is an internship? A chance to show yourself? Or a waste of time that takes part of your professional training? An opportunity to show who you are and what you can do or a professional training center camp to become the best copier and organizer in the world?

Yes it’s true that as an intern you will have to battle with a lot of stereotypes, do a lot of boring but nonetheless important work, finish assignments employees didn’t have time to finish or didn’t care to finish. But also remember that you need to define who you will be as an intern, a passive silent intern or an active entrepreneurial intern.
A company only works if each office functions efficiently. It’s like an assembly plant. If one office misses or forgets its task the complete assembly line will enter into lockdown. All this just to say that wherever you end up as an intern, you will be a part of the company. It is up to you if you want to be forgotten as the silent one or be remembered as the one to watch.

Now that my internship is over I can honestly say I look back to this period both satisfied and sad. Satisfied because I got to learn and discover a lot. Sad because it’s already over. It was really nice to feel useful, to share my knowledge, to learn from others and to have common goals, to receive positive criticism and to enjoy compliments for a job well done. Even if my internship only lasted for three weeks I feel I have grown on a professional and personal basis.

I am ready to find out more about the company where I did my internship. I want to get to know Fabbri 1905 worldwide: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, China, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States. Enter into the heart of Fabbri 1905 and discover what makes the famous Amarena cherry so attractive an desirable.

It was a nice learning experience with very helpful colleagues. Every question I had was answered, every doubt clarified. It’s true that I also had to do some “typical intern work” but thinking about it today, doing this so-called boring work has given me the chance to get to know the company better, get to know its weaknesses and its strengths and even more important the opportunity to find and elaborate some strategies to make my contribution to the company.

Never be scared, even as an intern, to share your ideas. You are an intern but don’t be a silent one, be someone with a voice, show them that you care, that you feel part of the family, that you are smart and eager to learn. But also remember that as an intern you are an outsider so analyze the best way to share your ideas. Be a good scout, find out how the company’s internal system works, who you need to talk to, how you do it and when you do it. Never overstep the invisible boundaries you have in front of you but find a way to work around them by being humble and smart.

You are here to learn. As an intern it may seem that everyone is your superior and in a way they are. You don’t know anything about your direct work environment, only the information you gathered online and from hear say. Listen carefully to everything, especially during coffee breaks and lunch pauses. Take notes when your new colleagues are explaining something to you, write down the tasks you have been assigned and prepare an agenda. Never be ashamed to say that for the moment you can’t accept any new tasks. I don’t know why but interns are often seen as a kind of superhero who can do everything. Remember your colleagues that you may look like a superhero, talk like one and act like one but that until further notice you are still a human being.

The key objective of an internship is to learn, once that stops something is definitely going wrong and you need to reposition yourself. Remember your superior and colleagues that you are very happy you are there but that you are there to learn and not only to relearn the alphabet by filing papers or to rediscover the different ways to make a perfect cup of coffee. Most internships only earn you intellectual earnings, maybe also a job opportunity who knows. But like someone recently told me, remember that while the company may be assessing you, you are also assessing them. It’s up to you on how you will define your internship.