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Trasferire dati dallo smartphone al computer

Il problema dello spazio di memoria sugli smartphone è sicuramente uno dei temi più delicati dopo quello della durata della batteria. E qui arriva il dramma del trasferimento di foto e video dal telefono al computer: genitori, nonni e zii a tutta carica per chiedere a figli e nipoti di risolvere il problema.

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Choose your wine wisely

Some weeks ago I was invited to a dinner party and I found myself with the same dilemma I always have when I go to a friend’s house for dinner: what should I bring? You can ask the host and if you are lucky he or she will tell you what to bring to the party. If not, I for example, always go for a bottle of wine. Even if your friend tells you that you don’t need to bring anything he or she will really appreciate the gesture. I would avoid preparing a dessert or any other dish, seeing that you are going to a dinner party I assume the food is already included.

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Cloud: tutto il tuo mondo a portata di mano

Nell’era di Internet e degli smartphone non è pensabile dover fare i salti mortali per recuperare documenti, foto e video in qualsiasi momento ed in qualsiasi posto tu ti possa trovare. Oggi è possibile avere tutto a portata di mano, ovunque tu sia, basta essere connessi. Il cloud computing si occupa proprio di questo: ti da la possibilità di accedere alle tue risorse on demand, sfruttando, come al solito, Internet.

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The Virtual Deadly Sins: Chapter II – Gluttony

According to Wikipedia Gluttony (Latin: gula) derives from the Latin gluttire meaning to gulp down or swallow, over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste.

Today the moment has come that you can sit down in your chair and satisfy this deadly sin without moving your feet but by just clicking the right buttons. One small problem you need a steady monthly income to finance it. No money, no way you can continue living the dream of staying at home and using the global network as your toy to satisfy you senses. People like to eat, to drink, use their senses, taste, touch and smell and most of us prefer to do it in company. In one of my first articles I mentioned the movie The Net, a movie from 1995 with Sandra Bullock working and living at home as a computer programmer without seeing the outside world. She would order everything online and only a few people really knew she existed. Some called the movie science fiction but today, 20 years later, it has become reality.

A creative sin sometimes needs some problem solving,,, are just a small series of websites available to you to order in after a long day of hard work. Just imagine having planned a dinner party for 10 people at your place at 9:00pm but you finish working at 7:00pm. What stops you from ordering in and taking all the credit for it. You arrive home at 7:30pm, order online, receive a message that your order will arrive within 45 minutes, take a long shower, prepare the table and then dinner arrives. Okay you will spend a little bit more than if you go to the grocery store but who cares, just this once. You arrange everything, reheat it in the oven, get a little bit dirty and then the door bell rings. You are relaxed and can enjoy a wonderful evening. But remember Gluttony is a sin and sins can be punished.

What will you do if your order doesn’t arrive in time? I have a nice trick for that, take some pans and pots and burn something, when your guests arrive you just put up your saddest face and tell them you burnt dinner and had to order in. Your problem solving techniques will be appreciated.

By the way did you know that in Bologna there is also something called Drinking-Bo? If you are worried about lack of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks you can rely on them to provide you with the necessary fluids to keep your party going. Should I say it or should I not? One point of criticism: there is no age limit control to this kind of service, as long as you pay no questions are asked, don’t ask don’t tell policy.

Feed yourself online while you can

I like cooking, I like spending time in the kitchen but I have to admit sometimes I don’t have time to do the groceries and without the right ingredients it’s not always that easy to prepare something special for your loved one. The virtual world has almost no limits: do the groceries online. From time to time to fulfill my desires, to give in to some of my sins (including laziness) I go online, open the website of my regular grocery store, publicity alert, Esselunga, sit down in my couch, open a bottle of wine and shop online. In less than a week they bring everything on my list for just a small fee to my doorsteps, no matter where I live in my city, no matter which floor I am. I don’t need to stress to find the time, I don’t need to take the car, I don’t need to wait in line, I can just continue to sip on my glass of wine, relax with my loved ones, and choose the right recipe to prepare for a perfect evening.

Use these services wisely, use them to gain extra time to relax and to be able to organize a quite and romantic evening with your loved one or a successful night to remember with friends and family.

The Virtual Deadly Sins: Chapter I – Lust

Internet is the greatest form of art mankind has ever created, almost perfection. A virtual place where you can find practically everything to satisfy your seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. The world at your feet far away from you.

It was once fiction but today it has become reality. You can survive by just having an internet connection and manage online your life offline: buy, shop, befriend, earn, find, hook up, plan, travel, discover, experience, share, create, promote, stay in touch.

The web is one of the strongest weapons in our popular culture. Can you imagine how our world would have looked like today if internet had been invented hundreds of years ago. The Gettysburg Address by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln broadcasted worldwide, Albert Einstein tweeting and answering questions on, private Facebook events telling you where the parties were during the Prohibition, Martin Luther publishing his work online, an interview with Jane Austen to promote her latest novel, the propaganda and marketing conducted during the World Wars. The world as we know it today would definitely have looked different.

But it didn’t happen like that. History was written in a different way and our generation was born in a technological boom, progress, innovation, an invention that probably was meant to help and only be used in a good way without endangering no one and respecting each other, but again it didn’t happen like that. We are human beings with flaws and in search of who we really are.

What would happen if you would apply the (in)famous seven deadly sins on the virtual world? I think you would definitely not go to heaven and be in need of some confession. Let’s start with the most desirable sin of all (source: Oxford Dictionaries):

Lust: [mass noun]1. Strong sexual desire: he knew that his lust for her had returned; 1.1[in singular] A passionate desire for something: a lust for power; 1.2(usually lusts) chiefly Theology A sensuous appetite regarded as sinful: lusts of the flesh.

The virtual definition:

Hundreds of ‘dating’ websites, an infinite list of pornographic websites, sexual messaging with your partner or lover using WhatsApp, secret flirting online to hook up afterwards, exchange sensual videos and pictures.

Yes I think that many of us haven’t passed the first sin.

The naughty girl/boy/woman/man in us has a bigger sexual drive you can imagine but fortunately online there’s something for everyone. A small selection of the wide gamma online caught my attention.

Ashley Madison

Promoting itself using the following slogan: Life is short. Have an affair. The online personals & dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs. They promote the idea that monogamy doesn’t need to be an obligation but a choice you make. Revive the passion in your relationship. Founded in Canada in 2002, and counting supposedly 37 million active and non active registered users. Unfortunately even hackers have some desires and last summer they stole all of its customer data and released some of it. So be clever and avoid registering to a website if you want to have an affair or at least try to be as anonymous as possible. Cheating should be your burden don’t burden others with your sins. If instead you are single just go for it but be careful and use protection for a long lifetime of fun. (mostly used for computers, there is also the app for Android and iOS but reading some of the reviews the application sucks).


Born in 2009 as The world’s biggest mobile network of guys – Find local gay, bi and curious guys for dating or friends for free on Grindr. Meet the men nearest you with GPS, location-based Grindr. Looking to hook up, a relationship or just friendship? Men will be men, looking into this application I just got the impression it’s a kind of Instagram lookalike where you are rated immediately and skip all the regular steps to go immediately to the point: Life is short. Just do it. The only problem with having a profile here is that your privacy is not protected by their privacy policy. Ashley Madison is more discrete and people are more private. If on Grindr you ask the wrong question or give the wrong answer be prepared because a nice screenshot with or without your name may suddenly appear in not so private places. (only available by downloading the app for Android and iOS, the application was originally developed for iOS so the quality is much better).

Sometimes I wonder what women think and if they use these kind of platforms such as PinkCupid (a dating website especially designed for lesbians) and Lulu (a girls-only application to share experiences and get information to make smarter decisions and where men are rated and listed).

‘Lust’ shouldn’t be considered as a sin but should be embraced showing that you have the power to control an fulfill your sexual desires without hurting anyone. Desire was meant to be a good feeling not a mistake repeated throughout history.

Soon: ‘The story of how Gluttony has infiltrated the virtual world’

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